Orphanbiotec | Our Management Team
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Our Management Team

Orphanbiotec AG is led by a four-member core team.

Dr. Frank Grossmann, DVM, founder and CEO:
Frank studied veterinary medicine in Hanover, Germany, worked as a volunteer at an animal hospital in Sydney, Australia, and subsequently as an assistant at the ETH Zurich. There he received his doctorate in metabolic diseases in human physiology together with the University of Zurich. In addition to building a practice, for several years he worked in management positions in the pharmaceutical industry. His diverse functions as manager in regulatory affairs, business development, product management and sales development give him insight into and an overview of the essential tasks. He has been a free lecturer at the ETH Zurich in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. As the founder and initiator of Orphanbiotec he financed and supervises the AG and the Foundation as the director.

Dr. Frank Hinrichs, CFO ad interim, Vivatus GmbH / Deutschland
Frank studied economics in St. Gallen and worked for several years at an investment company in Germany. He subsequently started his own business, founded Vivatus GmbH and specializes in sustainable and social investments as an impact investor.

Dr. Pilar Ruiz Sanchez, R&D officer
Pilar studied chemistry at the University of Zaragoza in Spain, subsequently attained a doctorate at the University of Zurich and has extensive experience in drug development for international pharmaceutical companies. In addition to various projects in medical inorganic chemistry she also oversaw developments in human medicine, radiotherapy and chemotherapy as a scientist and postdoctoral scholar. In addition to her involvement in Orphanbiotec since May 2011, Ms. Ruiz is responsible for coordinating our development projects and also manages the registration, our internet and social media.

Dr. Zubin Dastoor, strategic and financial officer
After earning a degree in biology and diploma in pharmacy at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel, Zubin wrote his PhD in neurobiology at the Institute for Biochemistry at the University of Fribourg and worked there as a researcher and teaching assistant. His career in finance started by joining Credit-Suisse First Boston as Financial Analyst for biotechnology and medical technology. Thereafter he served for several years as a Partner and as a Senior Financial Analyst at Neue Z├╝rcher Bank. During that time he received the CFA (chartered financial analyst) designation by successfully passing all three levels of the CFA program. He co-founded BioDiognostics and supported Speaking Solutions GmbH as head of Administration in Zurich before joining us.

The team is complemented by scientists and medical professionals who help achieve the strategic objectives of Orphanbiotec in the research project funded by the CTI.