Orphanbiotec | Overview
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Orphanbiotec AG is a socially responsible, research-based pharmaceutical enterprise specializing in Rare Diseases. Enabled by our partners, we build bridges for people in need and affordable health care of the future. We are committed to deliver sustainable, financial and social impact to patients & investors.

The first project aims at the development of gastric cancer therapy with a photodynamic approach. The technology allows for the simultaneous use of a novel early diagnostic tool and can also be used for screening. With this therapy Orphanbiotec AG could directly help approximately 200,000 patients who suffer from gastric cancer in the European Union, the U.S. and Canada. The project opens up possibilities for the development of additional therapies for other rare and not rare diseases. The patentable technology base is being developed together with the Steinbeis Center in Heidelberg and the University of Zurich .

Orphanbiotec was founded in 2009 by Dr. Frank Grossmann and partner. The management consists of CEO Dr. Grossmann with CFO Dr. Frank Hinrichs together with Dr. Zubin Dastoor as financial officer and Dr. Pilar Ruiz as project leader for development and research and complete the company’s four-member core team. By virtue of their long-standing personal relationships, they bring with them a trusted network of physicians, pharmacologists and economists for consultation, research and teaching.