Orphanbiotec | Why we do it
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Why we do it

The conventional model of traditional pharmaceutical companies needs to be questioned. This is because Health is a chartered right (a statement of he UN Health Organisation) and the current important issue of bettering health for people affected by a Rare Disease is not being addressed thoroughly. We hold the view that there needs to be additional new and alternative business models for the complex issues and needs of the 21st century. For us, one of these issues is the morality of decisions.

The traditional pharmaceutical research today is very expensive and extremely lengthy. It takes on average, 12 years from the molecular discovery for a finished product to hit the market. For a new medication (about 1 substance out of 40,000 tested), pharmaceutical giants will pay out approx. 500 million Euros all at once. Also to consider are the high requirements for the application and registration of new drugs. Medicine has to be not only effective, but also safe.

Large pharmaceutical companies are mainly focused on diseases that affect a large amount of people. This is because of their elaborate infrastructure and hefty research costs. They affix themselves to so-called „Blockbusters” and Lifestyle Medications so that invested capital and the decision often follows market trends to increase the stock prices of the company. The big players are driven by maximization of profits for the company and not by the need of the people.

This creates a situation where Rare Diseases are barely considered or don’t even have any treatment options. With our structure we are able to consciously keep our costs relatively low. Furthermore, we are not only looking at dividends as the reason to push a new medication forward. We also consider the philanthropic grounds to develop a new medication.

For these reasons, we are looking for investors who are interested in sustainable ideas and investments to make a positive impact for society.

Because we think that those affected by a Rare Disease also have the right to adequate treatment.